Kimberley Karavan


The Kimberley Karavan, a lightweight folding off road caravan that can go anywhere. Kimberley Karavans are unique with their internal shower and toilet, comfortable internal seating and luxury finishes. There is 2.2m of head clearance. Yet they are no wider than a 4WD so can travel absolutely anywhere!

The Kimberley Karavan is designed to be both self contained and “off-road”. One feature that makes this Australian off-road caravan unique is the design of the low drag fibreglass sides and roof with such a low travelling profile. The benefit of this fuel saving is not the saving in fuel cost, but the added distance you can travel from the standard tanks in regular 4WDs.


Travel Length: 5190mm

 +Drawbar Extension: 325mm

Travel Height: 2190mm

Classic Tare: 1680kg

Limited Tare: 1720kg

Eco-suite Tare: 1780kg