Kimberley Kampers


The Kimberley Kamper is a lightweight off road camper trailer that sleeps 2 in a super Queen size bed and an additional 2-3 in the zip on second bedroom. There are both off-road and self-contained features not seen anywhere else in the industry. Product quality and industry-leading innovation gives you great re-sale value which reduces the cost of ownership to probably the lowest in Australia.

No other brand of caravans or camper trailers in Australia export to the world like Kimberley. Why not? Others still have USA parentage (like Jayco) or are really disguised Asian imports. Great Australian designs require rigorous engineering, testing and R&D before being exported globally!

There are four models in the Kimberley Kamper range; Classic, Limited Edition, Special Edition and Platinum. The 2016 model range builds on all of the strengths of our 2015 models and adds extra features designed to make your life in the bush that much more enjoyable.


Travel Length: 4515mm

+Drawbar Extension: 325mm

Open Length: 6510mm

Classic Tare: 980kg

Special Tare: 990kg

Limited Tare: 1080kg

Platinum Tare: 1080kg

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