2010 – The Kimberleys – Bungle Bungles – Western Australia

2009 – Cape York QLD
October 31, 2009
2011 – Coral Bay – Ningaloo Reef – Western Australia
October 31, 2011
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2010 – The Kimberleys – Bungle Bungles – Western Australia

The great North-West featured The ‘Kimberley Karavan’ towed by the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series.We took the kids tent where the kids shared a space at night time, cosy.

This turned out to be our last big trip away as a family of four, our daughter is growing up quickly and has other commitments cropping up now, but we have many happy trips under our belt and many more happy family memories to make together too.

We traveled up to Darwin then across to Kununarra and into the Kimberleys, we then hopped on a light plane from Derby to take us to the Horizontal Water falls, amazing!! Then down to the Bungle Bungle ranges, across the Tanami and down to home.

Once again, the Kimberleys proved fantastic, lots of walking and swimming in the waterfalls, camping along the banks of rivers and water holes, never a dull moment and so many experiences to top off another fantastic trip.

The barrumundi were biting this trip!